iTero® Element™ Intraoral Scanner Raleigh, NC

What Can This Camera / Scanner Do?

The iTero® Element™ is a next-generation diagnostic tool. It’s not just a camera, but a multi-function intraoral scanner. Using a single convenient wand, the iTero allows us to see into your mouth to identify problems, as well as capture 3D images to assist in treatment planning. The results are displayed on a chairside monitor so you can see what we see!

The 3D scan has all sorts of applications. With it, we can keep an up-to-date record of your mouth, as well as use the scan to create Invisalign clear aligners and treatments such as crowns, bridges, veneers, inlays & onlays.

Time-Saving Technology

Traditionally, many treatments would require us to take an impression of your mouth. The process was effective, yet less than ideal in terms of efficiency and patient comfort. (The messy impression material was just an unpleasant experience for many, and it took some time to create the final cast model of your teeth.)

Instead, we now have the iTero® Element™ to thank for streamlining the process. With a simple digital scan, we capture all your mouth’s unique details. Sophisticated computer-aided design technology enables us to create a treatment plan to your exact specifications. Finally, the info is quickly sent to the dental lab for fabrication. In no time at all, everything is ready for you at your next appointment!

Benefits of the iTero® Element™

  • Digital impressions created in minutes
  • Visualize the diagnosis and treatment plan
  • Results quickly sent to lab for fabrication
  • Computer-aided design ensures precision
  • See your results and monitor progress at each appointment

iTero® Element™