Dental Implants

Dental Implants Anchor Crowns, Bridges, or Dentures

Choose the restorations that are strong enough to last a lifetime!

Dental implants have done wonders in the area of missing teeth, and we believe that everybody should have a great looking smile, as well as the functionality of a full set of teeth.

If you have missing or damaged teeth, then you know how it can affect your ability to eat and enjoy food, as well as your confidence. Less visible teeth (such as molars) may not affect your appearance, but their absence will still seriously affect how you chew.

Standard options include a dental bridge or a partial denture. The most durable, most permanent treatment for missing teeth has proven to be dental implants, though you will have to meet with your dentist to determine which option is best for you.

A dental implant is an entire replacement tooth, right down to the root. This replacement ‘root’ is a titanium implant anchored into the jawbone. Afterward, patients occasionally experience temporary pain (we may prescribe pain medication), but many have zero to very mild sensitivity. Then, usually at a second appointment, a porcelain dental crown is securely bonded over the top of the implant.

Your brand new tooth will have all the appearance and bite of the real thing (in fact it’s even stronger), and many people find themselves forgetting that it is not their natural tooth!

You deserve the best that dentistry can offer. Don’t wait any longer! If you’re interested in dental implants, call us at (919) 847-6453 for a consultation.